EPSA 2011 Newsletter No. 5 04/2011


European Public Sector Award - EPSA 2011

First Results after closing the Call for Applications: The public sector does innovate in times of crisis and “becomes greener”!


Despite the hard times faced by public administrations all over Europe, lesser investments in innovation and staff cuts and/or restructuring in many organisations due to financial constraints, the EPSA 2011 Team is pleased to announce that a remarkable number of applications were submitted to the 2011 edition.


In total, 274 applications from 32 European countries and European institutions were received and are eligible for the evaluation phase. 

The distribution of applications per theme is:

Theme 1: Smart Public Service Delivery in a Cold Economic Climate 106
Theme 2: Opening Up the Public Sector through Collaborative Governance 115
Theme 3:  Going Green: Concrete Solutions from the Public Sector 53. 


Top country submitters in the 2011 edition were Spain, Romania, Austria, Italy, Poland and Germany. In addition, out of the 274 applications, some of which were received only 10 minutes (!) before expiry of the deadline on Wednesday 13 April at 12 p.m., 116 came from the local government level, 66 from the regional level, 85 from the national level, and 7 from European institutions (see detailed graphic overview). It can also be noted that a number of entries submitted under themes 1 and 2 have a large green component and thus certainly evidence more environmentally friendly initiatives in the public sector.


The applications span many administrative sectors ranging from employment, gender equality, education and public administration modernisation, to human rights, research and innovation, information society and technology, transport and infrastructure, and public health and social welfare. These applications will now be assessed online by independent expert evaluators who will also meet at the end of May at EIPA Maastricht for a consensus meeting in order to agree on the final short-listed projects and the best practice certificate recipients for this edition. Then a number of on-site visits will take place in June to verify these assessment results and, at the beginning of September, an international jury consisting of top personalities will take the final decision on the winner as well as the nominees per theme.


The multi-step and impartial evaluation process will identify and reveal many interesting, exemplary and innovative initiatives taking place across Europe. EIPA will again make sure that these findings will be made available to all interested parties. Thus keep checking the EPSA 2011 website (www.epsa2011.eu) where more news and announcements will be posted soon.


The EPSA 2011 Team would like to thank the various European Public Sector actors for their brilliant ideas and high participation in the EPSA 2011.